It seems reasonable and immediate in my mind, to use this avenue of communication to share what means more to me than anything: relationship with God, made possible by the gospel of Christ. I’ve preached the gospel for a little over 48 years. While I could write a blog about family, music, humorous stories and publishing, all those subjects fall under the heading of my relationship with God. Yes, even my humor and love for music are interests I maintain within the commitment I made to God when I became a Christian.


So, whatever I write about on this blog will be connected to God, His Son, His will. Though sometimes what I write about may seem only indirectly connected to being a Christian, there is really nothing I do that is outside the scope of my devotion to Christ.


With that said, I have planned a wide variety of approaches to blogging. Here are some ideas I will pursue, not necessarily in this sequence.


BIBLICAL STUDIES will take up passages or subjects from the Bible. I am not a Bible scholar, though I respect and read several faithful men who are. My writing is aimed at those often classified as “laymen” (though I am not a fan of the word, I’ll accommodate here). I said one time, I’m an ordinary guy writing to help other ordinary people. The blogs in this category will be brief, simple to navigate, always persuasive and with calls to action.


BRIEF QUOTATIONS will be shared here. I will source them and invite your response if I’ve not correctly sourced a quote. I’ve always been a reader with pen and highlighter. Many things have been said far better than I could have said them. I’ll share quotations here. Some days, these posts will be no longer than a paragraph that invites thought.


LINKS are in themselves a medium of modern communication. I promise to be careful (I studiously try to avoid “click bait”). But again, so much good writing and blogging is superior to what I could share. I’ll pass those links on. Some of my favorite bloggers will find a place on this page. Roger Shouse, Ken Weliever, Doy Moyer, Bill Fairchild and others.


INTERVIEWS will be a part of this site. I’m planning to interview people who have probably never been interviewed. Christians will be asked to share their stories, their influence and insight. I plan to do these in written Q&A format but may decide to provide some audio interviews. (Unlikely I will post videos of me. I was told years ago that I have a good face for radio. I agree.)


SERMONS will be posted here, to be read or heard. There are good preachers who have something to say from the Bible, seldom heard through internet connection. I’ll plug some of those in to this site.


LIFE STORIES that have some lead-in to good life lessons will appear here. I have a collection of stories accumulated in my 71 years of life. Some are funny. All have some point, some take-away.


BOOK REVIEWS will help you learn about books that may peak your interests. If you have read my book reviews in PRESSING ON MAGAZINE, you know that my reviews are brief and include a link so you can buy the book.


BOOK RELEASES. I’ve written, edited and published several books.  I will not push frequent marketing on this site. I will announce book releases. I have several books planned for release this year. I’ll simply let you know about those publications.


FROM THE ARCHIVES. I’ve been writing a long time. I was the front-page writer and special issues editor for THE PRECEPTOR for about ten years. For over twenty years I co-edited EXPOSITORY FILES. Most recently, I’m the assistant editor and one of the writers for PRESSING ON MAGAZINE. From time to time I’ll share something from the archives of those publications.


Other ideas may occur to me as the year moves along. I will make these promises:


  1. I’ll make an effort to post every day. WordPress makes this a convenient feature with the post scheduling feature. If I have to miss several days, I’ll let you know that in advance and resume as soon as I’m able.


  1. I will not post on politics. I understand, social/political issues sometimes intersect with morality (like abortion, violence, ethics, etc.). I’ll speak from the Bible on moral issues. I will not advance a political agenda.


  1. I do not like extended, repetitive debates. I’ll write what I believe is true and useful. I’m always open to reasonable responses to the contrary. But will not carry on an indefinite exchange.


  1. While I may express disagreements with public figures, evangelical preachers and perhaps my own brethren, I will not use carnal tactics. Insults, mocking and other immature methods will not appear, even when my passion runs high.


The great thing about high tech publishing is – anybody can do it. The bad thing about high tech publishing is – anybody can do it. My aim is to offer what is valuable, engaging and challenging. Thank you for being an initial reader.


7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Welcome to the world of “blogging”. Looking forward to reading you blogs each day (maybe a little ambitious lol). I like your ideas for things to post.


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