Don’t Relax Yet!

Don’t Relax Yet

Warren E. Berkley


During World War II, the Royal Air Force psychologists observed that pilots made the most errors as they flew their planes in for a landing on returning to their base from hazardous raids. The cause, said the analysts, was an “almost irresistible human tendency to relax,” after going through some difficulty.


Noah – after the flood – planted a vineyard and “became drunk,” (see Gen. 9:20,21). Elijah – after the victory of Mt. Carmel – was afraid and ran for his life; he found a place under a tree and prayed that he might die (1 Kngs. 19:3-5). David was a mighty military hero, but relaxed one night (2 Sam. 11). His sin brought him to a low, depressed state where he said, “my bones wasted away,” (Psa. 32:3).


Have you overcome some challenge or just come out of a storm? Don’t relax yet. Keep your guard up.


Source: p.611, Nelson’s Complete Book

of Stories, Illustrations & Quotes

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