Buying Time

The “Time Department” on Amazon?


For many Americans, needs and wants take us to Household items, books, music, tools, toys, car parts, office supplies, gift cards, phones, computers; and I saw the other day, you can order an American Standard Bathtub on Amazon (water not included).


What if Amazon had a “Time Department?” You could order two more hours at the end of a day. Or, a day could be added to your weekend. How about adding years to your life?


Perhaps, like one author,  you will become creative with this idea? “If you could buy time, I would sell it. Yesterday would be expensive, and tomorrow would be cheap.” (Jarod Kintz, The Days of Yay Are Here! Wake Me When They’re Over.)


This is really sounding good, but it is only a dream; just an illustration; a thought provoker.


Yet, within a specific biblical statement, you can buy time. It is not a monetary transaction or purchase. It is all about good use, discipline, the maintenance of godly intention with your calendar.


The concept is connected to God’s grace. God gives, we receive and use. If we are servants of Christ, our purpose is to use all that we receive from God as good stewards. As we use time as good stewards of God, in that sense, we are redeeming the time.


“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time,” (Col. 4:5, ESV). New King James: “…redeeming the time.”


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