Sparking Gratitude

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…mothers who sit in the back seat, to tend to the child in the car seat while dad drives.

…fathers who give the wives relief with housework when she has had a hard day. And maybe on other days too?

…children who willingly do their own laundry.

…drivers who motion others to get into a packed lane of traffic.

…neighbors who get to know you, help you and receive help.

…friends who respond promptly to email.

…doctors who surprise you with a call to see how you are doing.

…preachers who greet people as they enter the building.

…insurance agents who know you by name and do more than just collect premiums.

…people who send hand-written notes.

…news organizations who own their mistakes.

…children who honor their parents in their old age.

…mail carriers who bring the package to the door and ring the door bell, waiting for you to come to the door.

…funeral directors who can be pleasant and serious at the same time.

…mechanics who explain all the options when giving estimates.

…check-out clerks who make eye-contact and greet you.

…audience members who still listen when preachers go a little overtime.

…veterans who don’t boast but are delighted to accept gratitude.

…school teachers who patiently teach the fundamentals.

…bible class teachers who do far more than just occupy a room.

…people who follow this blog!

These are things I love. Make your list. It will spark gratitude.

One thought on “Sparking Gratitude

  1. THANK YOU, BROTHER WARREN! I appreciate your blog. Miss seeing you. Enjoyed our time together immensely almost a year ago, now.

    Hope you and yours are all well.

    Mark _____________________ *Mark W. White* *15839 Barrow Cove Dr.*

    *Cypress, TX 77429* *256.648.9718*


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