Be Wise Small, Dee Bowman

Be Wise Small

by Dee Bowman

[Aug. 2014 – Pressing On Magazine]

I’ve been very busy of late, what with the  Southside Lectures and our Vacation Bible School.  So I thought I’d just share you a bit from one of my journal entries.  Give it some thought. Maybe it might help you; it helped me.

I was just thinking today…

Sometimes I’m so interested in getting where I’m going that I fail to enjoy the trip.

Sometimes I get so taken up with my list that I fail to enjoy checking off each entry.

Sometimes I’m so careful to watch every step that I take my eye off the goal.

Sometimes my humility becomes a source for my pride.

Sometimes my effort to think before I speak becomes the reason for my not speaking at all.

Sometimes my loving criticism is not very lovely.

Sometimes when I think I know it already, it becomes a reason for not listening.

Sometimes I’m so busy looking at the faults of others that I don’t see my own.

Sometimes my idea of balance is seriously slanted in my own direction.

Sometimes when I think I won, I actually lost.

Sometimes others don’t view my successes the same way I do.

Sometimes my periods of relaxation are not relaxation at all, but periods of laziness.

Sometimes I want to get something done so I can start something not nearly as important as what I’m doing.

Sometimes my looking forward to tomorrow is merely an excuse for not finishing what I should have done today.

Sometimes my idea of toleration is little more than being afraid to speak.

Sometimes my work is unpleasant only because of my lack of appreciation for having work to do.

Dee Bowman has been preaching for about 50 years.  He is the author of several books, was one of the editors of Christianity Magazine, and for several years was an adjunct professor at Florida College.  He has been associated with the Southside congregation in Pasadena, Texas for over 35 years. His wife is Norma and his children are Russ and Denise.

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