Praise without Partiality

close up photo of man wearing black suit jacket doing thumbs up gesture
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It seems to be so simple and obviously good. When people accomplish something commendable, win some battle or make a new choice that is good, we congratulate them with praise. “Good job … way to go … I’m proud of you!”

We do not expect something this good and simple to contain any challenges or cautions. Yet, there is the challenge of consistency. We should guard against commending a certain group with such volume, others who are just as deserving receive little or no praise.

Two Examples: (1) When we praise those who have survived cancer, attributing their survival to their great strength of character, let’s not leave out those who lost the battle though they also had strength of character. (2) When we praise and honor high school graduates who are signed up for college, let’s not neglect our applause for those who have signed up for military service, or a vocation that is individually suitable.

And then, in all your praise for people – never leave out praise for the God who made people (Psalms 148).

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