photo of person running on dirt road
Photo by Orest Sv on Pexels.com

While doing some study in Hebrews 12 about running the race set before us with endurance, etc. I found this quote I want to pass on to those who follow this blog.

D. A. Carson notes, “Great endurance and patience:  the expression suggests both the kind of stamina that gets under a burden and carries it with enduring fortitude, and the kind of stamina that knows how to possess its soul in patience.

Those are not virtues that are popular in our age.  We extol champagne:  lots of fizz and a pretty good high but having no nutritional value for the long haul.  In an age when tempers are hot, quick solutions are ardently courted, success is revered, victory is cherished, independence is lauded, and easy triumphs are promised, great endurance and patience at first glance seem like less than stellar qualities.”

D.A. Carson. Call to Spiritual Reformation, A: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers (p. 108). Kindle Edition.

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