Go Tell It On The Mountain

Go Tell It On the Mountain

From Expository Files Archives

By Jon W. Quinn

There’s an old song that suggests that the gospel is worth telling. The word of God is so constructed that it cries out for dispersal. It contains many grand themes surrounding the central and grandest theme of all; human redemption from sin, fellowship with God and the promise of eternal life.

The old song is entitled “Go Tell It On The Mountain.” It expresses the exciting acknowledgment that “Jesus Christ is born!” While during His ministry Jesus sometimes cautioned His disciples to keep some of the things He was telling them about Himself quiet for now, He also told them the time would come when these same things were to be widely proclaimed even from the house tops (Luke 12:2,3). Brethren, children of God, that time is now!

The early disciples had an intense need and desire to tell others about Jesus (Acts 8:4; Luke 24:25-27; 32-35). There was Steven, Paul, Aquilla, Priscilla, Apollos and Barnabas. Folks from diverse backgrounds and with various abilities united by a faith that must be told. The more faith one has, the more he needs to share it with others. Those convinced about the gospel will share it. They will go tell it on the mountain!

There are amazingly vital truths revealed in the Bible that others need to know about. They are worth knowing and worth sharing. God means for them to be made known to others. He means for you and me to “tell it on the mountain!”

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