Silent Speech

Silent Speech?

Dee Bowman

There’s such a thing, I think, as “silent speech.” We can say things without ever saying a word. Don’t we often say, “that says something about him” when not a word was uttered? May I suggest some things you can say without a podium or a soapbox?

Say something to others by how you speak. If you speak with a clean tongue at all times and on all matters, you say something about yourself. A filthy mouth bespeaks a foolish heart.

Say something to others by what you wear. Sloppy dress suggests something about you. Provocative clothing says something, too. And so does proper attire. Clothing speaks.

Say something to others by how you act. Everybody wants a good time, but when fun goes ballistic and restraint goes out the window, it speaks volumes about who and what you are.

Say something to others by your choice of associates. Stay long enough with the wrong people and you’ll become like them. Stay with good folks and you’ll be influenced their good manners. Who you’re with speaks considerably to what you’ve chosen to be.

Say something to others by where you go. If you go places where evil is king, it says you don’t care. If you’re the only one on your block who attends worship services on Lord’s Day, it says to your neighbors that you want to worship Him, to recommend Him, to follow him. If you don’t ever attend it says you’re like everybody else, you don’t care to be there.

Need I say more?

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