Book Review – The Joy of Growing Old in Christ (by Dee Bowman)

Book Review by Warren Berkley


by Dee Bowman

It seems necessary to say, I’ve known Dee Bowman and consider him a close friend and mentor going back about 45 years. We first met in Arkansas where Dee came to hold meetings (early 70s). While I am younger than Dee, we knew – in those early days – we would get older. We just didn’t talk about it. It is different now. I’m reading and talking about it. Dee is writing about it in his new book, THE JOY OF GROWING OLD IN CHRIST (Available through Florida College Bookstore).

This is not a typical recital of all the foibles of aging; not a primer on how to navigate the Medicare system; not a denunciation of young people or exaltation of senior wisdom. This is classic Dee Bowman truth from Scripture that encourages and equips us to think of aging with righteous values and hope in view.

“Joy” is in the title and in the book, page after page, for senior saints to grasp and for junior saints to appreciate and develop in the present.

Here are some samples:

Your light doesn’t change because of advancing years. You still have an influence, and in some instances a greater opportunity to let it shine for the good of others. It would be a sad thing – indeed, if your light were allowed to dim when it could still shine.

[From the back cover] – Thus, this book They Joy Growing Old in Christ, has come into being. He maintains that growing old can be a joyful experience for every Christian who will accept it with a willing mind. He writes of the joy that comes from being in Christ; the joy of a married couple as they grow old together; of continuing to grow in knowledge of God’s word; of going on, enduring and finishing well (and much more). As you read it, you will be stirred by a fresh perspective on serving the Lord toward the end of life’s day.

Dee cites examples of real people; provides rich exposition of Scripture; applies principles of wisdom and in all of this, he is urging us to be looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. I highly recommend this book for everybody. Young People! Read it now, before the silver cord begins to snap.

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