What Would You Promise?

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[ As the rush toward the next political cycle is well underway, I thought about something I wrote several years ago. ] 

What Would You Promise?

Warren E. Berkley

If you were running for President, what would you promise?

Would you promise to pray like Daniel? In a time and place of brutal adversity Daniel exhibited the courage of faith. A central part of that way of life was prayer. He praised God, petitioned God for strength and believed God was listening. When God’s people begin to pray, at that moment God is listening. What a thought, that the God of the universe listens to us.

Would you promise to be faithful to God like Joseph? Like Daniel, Joseph suffered great hardship and temptation but acted on his steadfast purpose to trust and serve God. The Lord was with Joseph and showed him kindness and caused great things to happen through his life.

Would you make the pledge of Isaiah, “here am I, send me?” Isaiah was called by God to deliver His message to a stubborn people. It was a message of both hope and judgment but would be widely rejected by hostile audiences. When God said, “Whom can I send?” Isaiah gave the right answer, “here am I, send me?”

Would you keep the faith like Paul? Paul began a life of faith in Christ when he was baptized (Acts 22:16). He pressed toward the goal and eventually told his young friend: “I have fought the good faith, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”

I doubt anyone who is reading this will ever run for President. But God expects us to keep all these promises. You can be a part of great changes!

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