About God’s Law

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What We Should Know about God’s Law

by Warren E. Berkley

Reading the Bible, we should understand that law from God was not given as a weapon or instrument for men to use against each other. When the Pharisees used God’s law to write their own, to hold people to their standards, then that was a mis-use of God’s law. God never asked men to re-write His law to suit the ill-conceived purposes of their agenda.

When one uses the law of God to impulsively accuse others, while guilty himself – that’s a mis-use of God’s law (see Matthew 7:1-5, Romans 2:1-11). Law from God, rightly conceived, is given to hold us in check; to govern us and guide us and keep us morally upright. “Certain persons” in Ephesus had turned away from this authentic conception of divine law. All law from God is good, but must be used as intended by the Creator.

When the law is buried under a load of “traditions” which nullify its very purpose (Matthew 15:3, 6; Mark 7:9; then Matthew 5:43) or when it is used as a “take-off” point for spell-binders about ancestors, it loses its power. Just as in the public games only that man received the wreath of victory who played according to the rules (cf. 2 Timothy 2:5), so also only that person can expect to receive a blessing from the law who uses it as it should be use.”

Truth Connection: “Now we know that the law is good, if one uses it lawfully,” (1 Timothy 1:8).

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