Take Time To Be Holy

From Pressing On Magazine, Feb. 2013 – Click Here To Subscribe

“Take Time To Be Holy”

Dee Bowman

“Be ye holy, even as I am holy.”  The words ring as true today as if the ink from the pen of inspiration had not yet dried on the parchment.  “Be ye holy, even as I am holy,” means being like God; it means there is the need for adopting and maintaining a life of purity and dignity before God and men alike.  “Be ye holy as I am holy” means that God is made the well-spring for  our energy, the motive for our pursuits, and the never-changing direction for our hope.

Be ye holy as I am holy”  has to do with the fulfillment of our probation here in a most pure and loving way, with living of our lives according to the manner presented in His word.  It means we spend our lives in a consistent replication of the character of life and devotion to God so brilliantly seen in His son, Jesus, the Christ.

Be ye holy, even as I am holy” means seeing the Christ at Nazareth, seeing Him at Capernaum, seeing Him on the mountain of blessing, seeing Him in the wilderness of temptation, seeing Him in the Garden of His passion and on the road to Golgatha, and as He was suspended on the cross. But “be ye holy even as I am holy” also means seeing Him as the resurrected One, seeing Him as he returns to His Father, as seeing Him in His word as He dictates the means and methods for our return to His Father as well, for, said He, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh to the Father, but by Me.”.

“Be ye holy, even as I am holy”  means being like our Father, a fact for which He so longed that He gave His Son to bring it about.

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