Send Me


“Here Am I, Send Me.”


When Bill Wallace was preaching at Park Hill with Yater Tant, a variety of classes were offered to better inform the members. Bill Wallace taught a Tuesday night course on The Gist Of The Bible, based on a handbook by Charles Shook (published by Gospel Advocate in 1956). My parents went through that class and used to that book to help me understand the sequence of Bible history.

Bill and Yater were big on young men’s training classes, to train and encourage young men to better participate in the services and develop their talents in many areas. Daddy was in this class (with me sitting beside him), taking note and focusing on praying, teaching, preaching, serving, singing, preparing to become elders, etc.

Daddy was always ready to do anything he was asked to do, but was always committed to doing it better. Just a few weeks before he died, Cecil Douthitt was helping him prepare material for his young people’s class.

In one of these young men’s training classes, I think the last one, bro. Wallace passed out cards to all the young men. I remember there were various duties listed on the card, with a box next to each one. The young men were asked to check the duties they were willing to perform (public prayer, song leading, teaching a class, etc.). Daddy checked all of them, and wrote on the back of the card: “Here am I, send me,” (from Isa. 6:8).

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