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Angels, Sorry: Second Place

Warren E. Berkley

The Jews, for many generations before Christ came, held angels in high esteem. There was a basis for this. Angels have long enjoyed a place in God’s order, like Gabriel and Michael in the book of Daniel.

Today there is a heightened fascination for “the spirit world” of demons and angels. Mostly this interest revolves around claims of personal experience, dramatic encounters and dreams which could never be verified, but carry some sensation.

When Bible classes come to any mention of angels (as in Hebrews chapter one), there is a temptation to stop everything, unpack everything the Bible says about angels and add to the discussion all the subjective options and stories about these mystic beings.

If you let that happen in Hebrews chapter one, you have acted in direct defiance of the point of the passage. The main thing in Hebrews one is not angels. In fact, the affirmation of the writer is, they are second place to Jesus Christ. What is said and claimed about Jesus Christ could never be said of angels. Our Savior is totally different and stands at a different level. It is our great privilege to be subject to Him.

“Let all the angels worship Him,” (Heb. 1:6; Psa. 97:7).

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