Romans 12:1,2 Audio w/ Slides

Romans 12:1,2 – An Experimental Episode

In July I delivered a sermon at Laurel Heights (McAllen, Tx.) based on Romans 12:1,2, with first emphasis on this as a “therefore” passage. Then from that, I raised three questions for us. The audio is here (Click).

Then I recorded an Mp4 video. The advantage is, the listener can see the slides while listening to the sermon. The video w/ audio is here (Click). Not certain I can do this every week, but I’ve posted here and will welcome your feedback.


One thought on “Romans 12:1,2 Audio w/ Slides

  1. Hi Warren: I just ran across your Romans 12:1,2 Audio w/slides and it is excellent. Apparently it was originally presented at an assembly that I missed. Showing the slides improves comprehension remarkably and I believe will increase the number of listeners/watchers. More winter visitors may be attracted also. Congratulations on an excellent program. Bill


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