Conversation with an Atheist

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Conversation With An Atheist

{I mentioned in a previous post about my conversation with Madelyn Murray O’Hare. I sparked some curiosity. Here’s the story.}

In December of 1977 I had a telephone conversation with the late Madelyn Murray O’Hare, the infamous atheist. This was on a call-in radio program and she was the guest.

On the air I asked her: “Can you give us just one sound argument that proves that there is no God?”

Her reply: “You see, sir, if you knew anything at all about logic, you would know that a negative case never needs to be argued. Whoever poses a theory … has the burden of proof of that theory. We don’t have to prove a negative at all. Those persons who made up the idea of God must show that there is a God … All we have to do is show you the flaws in the arguments … We don’t have to prove a negative…,” {Direct quote from the tape of the program, on KFH radio, Wichita, Ks., Dec. 6, 1977.}

But consider this: Her case, as an atheist, is not just a negative case; she affirmed something – she affirmed that there is no God. To her, that was objective reality.

Furthermore, I do know something about logic. There is the law of rationality: “we ought to justify our conclusions by adequate evidence.” So – we need to think about this and bring this up when confronted … that atheists affirm something, but they are reluctant to offer any proof. There is no proof that there is no God. All the available evidence or proof lies on the other side of the proposition. “For every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God,” (Heb. 3:4).


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