Warts and All

Warts and All

A young lady went to her preacher one time to talk about the possibility of marriage to a good man. The preacher asked her to describe the young man who had proposed. He was a faithful Christian from a godly home. He was educated, responsible and had a good job. He loved her dearly and she loved him. The preacher wanted to know what the problem was. She mentioned a few trivial things. One observation she made was: “He has this wart right between his eyes.”

Said the preacher: “Young lady. Go marry that man. Then bring him to me sometime after the wedding, and I’ll remove that wart. I just bought a Sears Craftsman electric sander, and I think it will do the job.” She got the point, thought about it and married the young man.

A few years later the preacher saw the couple. He pulled the wife aside and asked, “how is the marriage?” She said, “Oh preacher, it is great. He is the most wonderful man and we are having a wonderful life together.”

“I’m so happy,” said the preacher, “but let me ask you – what about that wart? Don’t you still want me to remove it.”

“Oh no! I love that wart!!”

Godly character makes a young man so attractive, you fall in love with him, warts and all.

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