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While preaching in Mississippi several years ago, there was an unexpected visitor at every service. Not unexpected to the members of the church, but to me. Every time we arrived at the building this scrappy little dog was there. He was there on time, greeting every one arriving. (And I thought I saw a couple of people slipping him a treat or two.)

I referred to the canine visitor once or twice in my preaching. And one day I did a little internet searching and found out – dogs so something much better than humans.

For one thing, most dogs have a far better sense of smell than we do, and there is a physical reason for that. The sinuses of humans have about 6 million receptor cells that can sense the chemical odors afloat in the air. By contrast, the average beagle has more than 300 million receptor cells in its snout—that’s 50 times more cells for smells. The dominant sense through which most humans perceive their world is their eyesight, but the dominant sense through which dogs perceive their world is through their nose. A human can walk down the sidewalk and perhaps perceive a faint aroma of flowers upwind a few feet ahead. A dog walking the same sidewalk perceives as well the traces of every dog or animal that has been in the area.

But there is something we can do dogs cannot do. God has granted to us the capacity to use His Word to program our conscience. And then respond when that alarm goes off, repenting, seeking forgiveness and living right. Spiritual discernment is a gift. Use it!

See Gen. 1:26, 1 Pet. 3:21

Post Script – I’m aware of a book in the publishing process now, about the animal imagery in the Bible, with chapters about deer, dogs, snakes, etc. Be looking for announcements about this around the first of the year.

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