The Context of Matthew 19

Children Matt19 for Jan. 5pm

The context of Matthew 19 Re Children

On a recent Sunday evening I preached (by request) on Matt. 19:13-15, which documents the warmth and care of our Lord for children. In my preparation for that sermon I noticed something. The text about Jesus and children has bookends.

Before that narrative, His strict teaching about God’s law of marriage. What God has joined together, let not man put asunder. Jesus quotes the law of God back before Moses, “from the beginning.”

Then there is the passage about children. What’s after that?

The story of a man who was possessed by his possessions, the rich young ruler. Perhaps I’m inclined to make too much of this. You decide.

Two of the greatest tragedies that damage children are here in Matthew 19. Unlawful divorce and materialism. Read the entire chapter. What do you think?

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