4 thoughts on “This baggage is unnecessary.

  1. Dear Warren,

    This is NOT a comment on the content, but only on the format.
    Large bold print is much easier for me to read.

    Thank you.


  2. I read it but had to get close to the computer since my eyesight is not so good. You had good thoughts and I think I read them correctly.

    brotherly, Tommy Thornhill


  3. All I had to do was zoom in on my iPad to read it.
    Excellent content, by the way! Good example for all of us but especially for preachers and their families. Paul certainly dealt with some unpleasant circumstances and continued to press on.


  4. Did not come though very clear for me…even zooming in it was a bit fuzzy and pixelated. Copying and pasting the text directly may yield better results than a snapshot.


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