The Location of Morality

The Eyes of The Beholder?

Last week I was watching the morning news report on CBS. There was a story about a private school dismissing two teachers who (against the morality clause they signed), made public their plans to marry a same-sex partner. The teachers were planning to sue the school, and students were staging for a massive protest and walk-out.


News anchors today just cannot resist adding their opinion after a report concludes. Tony Dokoupil tagged the story with his snippy remark: “Morality is definitely in the eyes of the beholder.”

This is part of the humanistic noise of our time. To locate morality in man rather than man’s Maker.

The denial of absolute truth saturates the market-place of ideas in our time. And there are so many problems with that perspective. Here are a few.

(1) Will we tell our children that morality is in their eyes? When little Johnny steals something from the convenience store, will we tell him and the judge that it didn’t violate his (flexible but convenient) “standard” of morality?

(2) If an armed robber breaks into your home and walks away with your property, how much comfort is there for you when he says, “this is right for me?”

It may be argued these are extreme examples. Here is what is extreme: Adolf Hitler did what was right in his eyes. Terrorists do what is right in their eyes. There are sorry consequences to be faced when subjective, relativistic morality is embraced, celebrated and promoted. What is convenient, personally expedient, pragmatic and gratifying for those so inclined creates a trail of victims. “Morality” is invented, revised and adapted without any acknowledgment of the Creator.

In other words, everyone does what is right in his own eyes (see Judges 17:6 and Prov. 21:2).

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