Alcohol Lied To Me

Much of what I post on this blog, I found. I guess I’m just a good finder; better at finding than creating. I’m a long-time believer than alcohol – as a recreational or even occasional beverage – has built-in life issues. This piece couldn’t be sourced (author unknown), but reminded me of the life issues.

Alcohol Always Lied to Me

I Drank for Courage…and woke up night after night horrified.

I Drank for Sophistication…and became crude.

I Drank to find Peace…and ignited a war within myself.

I Drank to be Friendly…and became argumentative and nasty.

I Drank to be Sexy…and turned people off.

I Drank so that I could Relate to Others…and I babbled.

I Drank to put down Loneliness…and found myself retreating more into my shell.

I Drank to Relax…and woke up tense.

I Drank to be Entertaining…and became an obnoxious clown.

I Drank to Live More Fully…and contemplated suicide.

I Drank for Adventure…and discovered disaster.

I Drank to be more Honest…and insulted my friends.

I Drank to Quiet my Nerves…and woke up with hangover jangles.

I Drank to Feel Better…and ended up sick and throwing up.

I Drank to have Fun…and passed out in the middle of the party.

I Drank to Pep Myself Up…and ended up exhausted.

I Drank to feel Successful and a Big Shot…but ended up a failure.

I Drank for Security…and became afraid of my shadow.

I Drank to Feel Better about Myself…and ended up hating me.

I Drank to prove I could handle Alcohol…and ended up knowing it controlled me.

* A Friend asked…”But surely, now that you’ve been sober awhile, it would take a lot of alcohol to put you back in that condition.” “Just One Drink,” I answered!

— Author Unknown

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