I love it!

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love it.

  • I love the sidewalk and driveway art in my neighborhood and the creative work I’m seeing posted on social media.
  • I love it that our Pharmacist pulled me aside and said, “next time, call first and we will bring the RX out to your car.”
  • I love church members who are cooperative, compliant with safety precautions, checking on each other, logging into live streams, downloading resources and being so generous in gratitude.
  • I love it when I have to stand in a line and someone (with poor vision?) thinks I’m elderly and invites me to the head of the line. “Come on in the store sir, we are open for senior citizens first.”
  • I love my kids who check on us frequently and “lay down the law about what they want us to do or not do.”
  • I love it when my next-door neighbor yells from his driveway, “we have plenty of potatoes if you need any.”
  • I love it when my other next-door neighbor speaks to me from her yard about how she had groceries delivered. She wanted me to know we could do it too. She gave me the phone number.
  • I love Zoom, Facebook Live, Google Drive, Email, Pandora, WordPress, T-mobile. I even love Spectrum.
  • I love my preacher friends who are generous in helping older preachers learn online technology.
  • I love my older preacher friends who are doing their best to use what they learn.
  • I love my wife who cooks, manages the budget and house and is just here, sometimes in my office just keeping me company.
  • I love my Facebook friends who encourage me by posting valuable ways they are using their time home.
  • I love what I believe will happen – What we learn in a crisis we will use after the crisis.
  • I love God, His Son and the Holy Spirit – Who richly provide the way for me to look beyond earthly crisis to heavenly celebration.

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