You And God, part 3

You need God!

Responding to Him is never a casual option or another of many choices. It is essential. We need Him – to build a life of value and responsibility and hope. What we are talking about is not just something to feel good about – that God knows you and you know Him.

Much deeper than that we need God, every one of us. We need, for present and eternal reasons – to be in His family. Here, I am affirming something against the grain of popular thought in many circles. You may hear someone say or read what someone has written like this: Why do I need God, I’m doing just fine!

Those who offer this boast may be doing fine in terms of temporal conditions – may have money, be in good health, have a lot of fun.

But life is about so much more. Without God, that which is fundamental to your authentic identity and wholeness IS NOT THERE. And that absence is destructive. YOU NEED GOD . . . . I Need God.

Why God – tomorrow.

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