Ortlund on the Prosperity Gospel

First, the prosperity gospel is found nowhere in the Bible. The prosperity gospel is coldhearted materialism in religious disguise. It chooses Bible verses selectively to fit a name-it-and-claim-it theory, but it does not love God. It wants to use God for selfish, infantile purposes. Where does the prosperity gospel say, as the gospel clearly says in Philippians 3:7–11 (I will paraphrase it), “I have lost everything, and I’m cool with that, because I’ve gained Christ. I have been stripped bare. I have nothing left. All I have is Christ, and I’m happy, because he loves me, and that satisfies my heart”? That is the gospel, and that is true prosperity.

Ortlund Jr., Raymond C. . Proverbs . Crossway. Kindle Edition.

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