Advantages No Guarantee

Sidlow Baxter – on how advantages do not guarantee success, illustrated by King Saul’s story.

“We see that advantages are not in themselves the guarantee of success.

Saul had many, yet he failed ingloriously. We dare not lean on them.

We see also that wonderful opportunities do not in themselves crown

men. Nor even do special spiritual equipment immunize us from the

possibility of getting out of the will of God, and ‘playing the fool’.”

Baxter went on to describe this matter of “playing the fool.”

He said …

         – “A man plays the fool when he neglects his best friends,

                  as Saul neglected Samuel…

         – A man plays the fool “when he goes on enterprises for God

                  before God sends him, as Saul did.”

         – A man plays the fool “when he disobeys God” in what he

                  considers to be “small matters.”

         – A man plays the fool “when he tries to cover up disobedience

                  by a religious excuse.”

         – A man plays the fool “when he allows jealousy and hate to

                  master and enslave him, as Saul did.”

         “Oh, what warnings this man utters to us.”

         I will add – May God help us give heed to these


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