The Glory of God – Challenges

I’m preaching this morning on The Glory of God and Our Response. Working on the sermon throughout the week, the difficulty of the task impressed me through two challenges.
1- The preacher or writer is, without any doubt, the imperfect describing the perfect. I can tell you from my experience, as I study and prepare to speak or write about who God is, there is a fear and trembling that is humbling. I love to talk to people and write about my earthly father. But that is one human being describing another. The question I encounter is, who am I to describe Almighty God. Then I have to realize, God wants me to tell people who He is. It is certainly included in evangelism and edification, and I’m charged to do both. Also, I must bear in mind, I’m not speaking from inherent wisdom. What I’m asking people to do is, look at creation. Then look into the message given by the Creator.
2- The other challenge in delivering a sermon like this is, the world around us exhibits no interest in this. Beyond common indifference, the world is in rebellion against God … who He is and what He has a right to expect. The decline of western civilization is not a conspiracy theory. Abortion, homosexuality and the denial of gender truth; those are Genesis fundamentals.
So, I’m approaching this topic against these very real challenges. I’m imperfect yet talking about the perfect. And I’m aware, the world isn’t attracting to this subject.
You can listen to the sermon (audio) through our website, or pick up the Livestream on our Facebook Page: “Laurel Heights Church of Christ.”

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