New Book On Romans

Romans For Everyone_EBOOK COVER

Preface By Warren Berkley

My earliest exposure to the book of Romans was probably memorizing the names of New Testament books. As a teenager, there may have been a time when I thought the book of Romans was written by R.L. Whiteside and edited by Moses Lard (two commentary writers in the Restoration Movement). I remember thinking I would never understand the book of Romans. Everybody said it was the most difficult book in the New Testament (perhaps along with Revelation).

Then, in my early years of preaching something happened. I read the book of Romans. While I still got the impression of some difficulty, I could see that with repeated reading and serious study, I might just understand what the book is about.

While verse-by-verse analysis has a place, the slow ponderous and microscopic methods can become an obstacle. Mark Roberts has a rare gift for passion and clarity. While he holds an impressive academic background and experience, he speaks and writes for average people like me. He helps you get your hands on the main idea, without ignoring the details; because the details inform and hold the main idea together.

But what then? Once you have the main idea well in hand, and you see how everything is connected and sequenced for unambiguous conclusions, what then? Application! What does all this mean to me? What do I need to do? How should this change my life? Mark wants his listeners and readers to put truth in their heads and then their lives. The practical implications for life, discipleship, relationships, eternity – that’s all packed into Romans and Mark helps us get it. He shows that this is much more than a dry doctrinal discourse or debate.

This is about what God provides in Christ. It has to do with relationships, attitudes, conduct and all of this directed to heaven. This is an excellent guide for reading the book of Romans. It isn’t a lexicon written for academics, a technical reference book or college text. It is for people who want to read Romans over a cup of coffee and just understand the main idea and make it personal. To God be the glory.

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Roberts, Mark. Romans for Everyone (Coffee and the Bible Series Book 1) . Lower Lights Publications. Kindle Edition.

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