Complementary Parts of a Whole

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Men and women are one and equal in their relationship to God and to the rest of creation (Genesis 1:26–28). They are “joint-heirs” of God’s eternal purpose (1 Peter 3:7), called to the same glorious destiny (Romans 8:28–30). But if their ultimate nature and destiny are the same and much that they are to be in life is identical, there is an essential dissimilarity in the sexes that is not cultural but real. They were made to be complementary parts of a remarkable whole. By this reality the wonder of marriage is made possible. There is one glory of the man and another glory of the woman.

Woman was the grand climax of God’s creative tour de force. For the man she was the absolute marvel of the created universe because she answered perfectly to the emptiness inside of him (Genesis 2:23–24). No light in the heavens shone so brightly in his world as she did. Mountains and forests and seas paled beside her. The woman was made for the man, to be his helper and companion in the great adventure to which God has called them both. She was to be the crown on her husband’s head (Proverbs 12:4).

[1] Earnhart, P. (Ed.). (1995). Theme Editorial: Proverbs 31: The Ways of the Worthy Woman. Christianity Magazine, 12(10), 11.

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