No Fear of Death

No fear of death

Writing on the subject of fearing death, Leslie Weatherhead, noted English writer and preacher, once drew a parallel between the beginning of life and what is often perceived to be the end. A baby would never choose on its own to leave the security of its mother’s womb, so safe, so secure, so warm, he said. But Nature prevails and when the time is right the baby is sent forth into the uncertain and unknown. But what a surprise awaits the child—a loving mother holds it close to her warm body and she feeds it and cares for its every need. All around are people who shower affection upon it.

Is it not much the same, Weatherhead speculates, at death? Again, we are reluctant to leave, reluctant to embark on an uncharted journey into an unknown land. But if the Bible is true, there awaits for all who believe in Jesus a wonderful welcome, full of affectionate reunions, full of joy and unprecedented love and peace. With such a prospect in store, we need have no fear of death.

—Linda Gramatky Smith in Christianity Magazine,

[1] Lewis, B. (1986). And Then Some …. Christianity Magazine, 3(8), 8.

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