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When He writes “forgiven”

In a small town in the South during the Great Depression, there was a Christian physician widely known for his medical skill and for his kindness.

After his death, when his books were examined by his wife and other heirs, there were many accounts which had written across them in red ink the words, “Forgiven—too poor to pay.” The wife and heirs were not as kindly disposed as the old doctor, and they determined to collect these accounts since they added up to quite a large sum of money.

They sued for the money. The judge asked the wife, “Is this your husband’s handwriting in red?” She answered that it was. The judge shook his head and said, “In this case, there is not a tribunal in the land that can collect this money, for he has plainly written ‘Forgiven’ on these accounts.”

We can be sure that when the Great Physician has written “Forgiven” on our spiritual debts, we have been forever released from them.

—Author Unknown[1]


[1] Lewis, B. (1991). And then Some …. In Christianity Magazine: August 1991, Volume 8, Number 8 (8). Jacksonville, FL: Christianity Magazine.

One thought on ““Forgiven”

  1. When I read this it brought to mind my doctor in Adams Co., Ohio. Dr. Basa would pick one of his patients each Christmas and forgive their bill. He would choose one that had at least made an attempt to pay, but due to their circumstances were unable to pay it all. I always thought a lot of him, because I saw how he was with them in the hospital and his kindness to everyone, but when I heard this, it made my heart so happy. Thank you for all you do, Warren; I really enjoy your lessons on Sunday and I’m glad I can ‘be there.’


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