That One Pearl

Yesterday I preached from Matt. 13, The Pearl of Great Price (see Matt. 13:45,46).

          “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a

                    merchant seeking beautiful pearls, who, when

                    he had found one pearl of great price, went

                    and sold all that he had and bought it.”

Shouldn’t it occur to us, the merchant in this story wasn’t just looking for any pearl. It wasn’t like a quick shopping trip or treasure hunt, where you find something that resembles the best, and you take it, saying to yourself, “Ok, that was easy.  This will do.”

That’s what people do about religion. While there may be something better, they settle. To open the Bible and read and study and search and find, is an extended use of time and energy. Why not just find something that looks like the real thing?

Yet this merchant – whose efforts are commended – did not settle for a duplicate, the artificial or something to just “get by.” His quest was directed to “ONE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE,” and when he found it, he gave “all” he had to receive it.

Kingdom blessings offered by God through Christ cannot be duplicated by man, and any artificial “pearl” cannot deliver what the authentic promises. In your quest to find God and serve Christ, diligently read and use what the Bible says. Then when you see clearly what is offered and required, give all your life to have it. Be thankful and committed.

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