I Love You

Did you hear about the old farmer and his wife? Having marital trouble, they went to see the preacher who was a young fellow; no experience in marriage counseling at all. He listened to the couple for an hour or so; couldn’t think of any profound or powerful solution to their problem. So, he decided to use a dramatic approach. He said to the old farmer: “Brother, in order for your marriage to improve – here’s what needs to happen.” The young preacher got up – walked around the desk and gave the farmer’s wife a hug and kiss and said, “I love you.”

The preacher sat down and said, “Now that needs to happen at least three times a week.” The farmer said, “Fine. You want me to bring her in on Monday, Wed. and Friday, or Tues., Thurs. and Saturday??”

Some men would do almost anything to keep from saying these words: “I love you!” I heard of a husband who said to his wife: “I told you I loved you when we got married … If I ever change my mind I’ll let you know.”

That’s about how we are sometimes. Yet one of the greatest things we can do for people we love is TO SHOW THEM, AND TELL THEM AND REASSURE THEM OF OUR LOVE. And I know some who hear this are ready to say THAT’S NOTHING BUT SENTIMENT AND EMOTION; there is no strength and substance to it. Really?

Let me tell you about a man we all know. He was a Christian, who lived many years ago; he was so faithful and bold and strong HE PREACHED THE GOSPEL, LIVED THE GOSPEL AND DIED BECAUSE OF IT!! He stood face to face with sinners and false teachers and rebuked them. He walked in among brethren who were in error and told them what they needed to hear. He was pursued by Satan and Satan’s men everywhere he went. His name was Paul, and over and over in his letters to brethren he said: “I love you!”

Biblical love is capable of being displayed by deeds and by words; and there is nothing weak or embarrassing or inappropriate in saying to the people you love: “I love you.” I’m persuaded – if we have real, biblical love in our hearts, we will find it only natural to speak, to express that love. {1 Cor. 13}.

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