A Valentine Story

Perhaps you’ve heard this story. I’ve not been able to unearth the source. It pushes some buttons that put husbands on alert. Consider this a Valentine story.

This is about a man who never showed much courtesy and honor to his wife. She always hoped – maybe he would open the door for her? He shrugged that off. He would often say something like: “What’s wrong with you? You have your own two hands. They are not broken!”

The man’s wife passed away before he did.

At her funeral, he stood by watching the funeral director, preacher and pallbearers leaving the building. They arrived at the hearse. Before the funeral director reached for the back door of the hearse …

The man spoke up as he ran to the hearse. He said, “Wait.” With a broken voice he said to those present – May God forgive me …. as he opened the door at the back of the hearse.

He sadly realized that the only time he had fulfilled her simple wish was at her funeral. Men – may we never let simple acts of kindness and honor escape our notice.

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