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Book Recommendation by Warren E. Berkley


In Life’s Dark Valleys

by Margaret E. Head

I write book reviews regularly for Pressing On Magazine. When I know and respect the author, objectivity is so hard to maintain, I just need to admit my favoritism and tell you about the book from my perspective of acquaintance.

In the 1970’s when I moved my family to Kansas for an almost ten-year stint, Margaret Head was one of our beloved people. Pure, responsible, knowledgeable and with a powerful heart of a servant, she came to our comfort and aid on many specific occasions. But more than specific acts of kindness, knowing her and observing her influence was a blessing to us and our kids will never forget this godly lady.

Now all that I’ve said here comes through to the readers of her latest book, MINING FOR GOD’S GOLD in Life’s Dark Valleys (available from OneStone and Amazon). While she doesn’t hold back in narrating some of the dark valleys typical of our earthly sojourn, she deals with those hardships from a Biblical perspective. She calls upon her readers with wisdom like, “Don’t aim to get over it, work to get through it.”

The book communicates care, humility and patience, based on faith in Christ. She never claims to be the source of life’s wisdom, just a traveler with us, using Scripture to help us and equip us to help others. She says in the opening pages: “Reading this book is not meant to replace or to satisfy the need to read the Bible, but only to give an easy path to scriptures that address escaping from these dark valleys.” She has been there. She has learned from each of her hardships and comes across in these pages as a learner who wants to share, not a hardhearted lecturer.

You will be moved by her poetry, captivated by her personal stories, informed by the sources she quotes and through all this, taken to Scripture to develop discipline and endurance. Her specific list of basic needs for those grieving the death of a loved one – in chapter four – worth the price of the book.

I recommend Margaret Head’s book.

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