Beating The Enemy, by Dee Bowman

Front Lines

How To Beat The Enemy

Dee Bowman

Here are seven suggestions for beating the devil:

  1. Don’t get very far away from God. Drifting is easy, takes no effort and no plan. All you have to do is just sit there. On the other hand, it’s hard to keep on being close to God when there are all kinds of voices telling you you can’t do it. Make up your mind to be in the presence of God as often as you can. It just makes good sense. “Draw nigh unto God and he will draw night unto you” (James 4:8).
  2. Don’t be bedazzled by the shiny trinkets of life. Was it Shakespeare who first wrote that “all that glitters is not gold.” There are lots of things that shine, glow, glitter and they are attractive. But they’re fake; they’re not real. Counterfeit joy is everywhere. Fake happiness—the kind that looks great and offers no longevity, is being promoted at every turn. True joy is found in peace, not trinkets. True blessedness is possible only in putting what you have—time, talent, even money—at the disposal of those who need you. “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world …” (1 John 2:15).
  3. Make that decision. Indecision is used effectively by the devil. You see, he doesn’t have to get you to make an immediate decision to do evil, all he has to do is get you to put off making a decision to do good. Indecision is the basis for indifference, the reason for procrastination, the first choice of the lazy person. You have to make up your mind if you’re going to serve God. He doesn’t have time for you to wait. You have to make that choice (Joshua 24:15).
  4. Be a part. To be involved is equal to being intertwined with others. There is strength in being part of a greater whole. You can’t draw strength from the rest of the body if you have only a slight connection to it. The closer your connection the greater your strength. The tighter your attachment, the stronger the relationship. Visit stronger members and you will become stronger. Lend your own strength to weaker members and you will you lift them up to greater usefulness. Make yourself available and you will soon find your place (1 Corinthians 12:25).
  5. Look out. Yes, look out. The world is dying in sin and the only hope they have is not to be found in new medications and new methods for health, or in new technology or greater scientific knowledge. You are the hope of the world. Salvation from sin is the hope of the world. Can we sit and let what we have never find its way? Can we fritter away the time while the world perishes? We must reach out to those who need us, care for those who are lost, provide for those who flounder in sin. Where there is opportunity there is responsibility (Galatians 6:10).
  6. Stay calm. Over zealousness has always been a problem among restorationists. Being right is no good if it causes self-righteousness. We can get so carried away with our vision that we try and force people into our self-constructed molds and end up making the very creeds we’re fighting. We can become so enamored with the party that we construct a party line. We need patience, understanding, kind dispositions, a compassionate spirit. Not compromise, mind you, but tolerance (they are not the same thing, you know). We can be right and still be wrong. We are to restore “in the spirit of meekness …” (Galatians 6:1).
  7. Get hope. Hope is the anchor for the soul. It keeps us from drifting, from being too impressed by the present current. Get hope so that your soul can have some ease. Hope does that: it promotes self-confidence without arrogance, brings assurance without over-confidence. It produces quietude in the midst of turbulence and helps us look up when the world gets us down. Hope is a rock. It keeps us from moving away from the good. Get hope. It helps (Hebrews 6:19).
    Serious suggestion for conquering the evil one. Good wishes in your effort to do so.

Bowman, D. (1999). Front Lines: How to Beat the Enemy. Christianity Magazine, 16(2), 2.

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