The Danger Point


(Source Cited Below)

Everyone is excited in the beginning of a venture, but after the newness wears off, dejection can take its place. Students who enthusiastically begin a new semester often feel overwhelmed when they reach the middle of the term. A young man’s patriotic fervor may turn to depression halfway through boot camp. An idealistic woman who transfers to a new job will discover within a few months that her new company is not without its flaws. Passionate couples who gaze into each other’s eyes as they exchange vows of devotion will soon realize that marriage is no fairy-tale cruise on the love boat.

Every enterprise enters a phase when idealism comes face to face with reality. Romantic notions give way to the hard facts of life. The experience may be gradual or abrupt, but, in either case, it is a real danger point. Encouragement is what keeps a student from dropping out, a soldier from going AWOL, a worker from job-hopping, or a couple from divorcing.

Nehemiah helped dejected workers look beyond the rubbish at their feet to the final result. He reminded them of the importance of their work and the power of God to sustain their efforts. His words gave wavering workers the strength needed to keep on keeping on.

Barnabas Factor, by Aubrey Johnson, p.#115. Published by GOSPEL ADVOCATE.

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