Do Not Love The Culture

Do Not Love The Culture

(see source below)

Our secular, anti-God culture wants us to make no mention of God except in our church building. They can use God’s name as they curse and swear in public hearing, but we are opposed if we praise God’s name publicly. Our culture accepts all parts of the sexual revolution, including one-night hookups, serial “no-fault” divorces, living together without marriage, as well as the entire LGBTQ+ agenda. Any mention from Christians that these things should be repented and admitted as sinful is a “countercultural” message. Our culture does not appreciate that stand. May I suggest we read I Jn. 2:15-17 and insert the word “culture” where the word “world” appears? “Do not love the culture or anything in the culture. If anyone loves the culture, love for the Father is not in him…” Do likewise with Jas. 2:4.

Source – Mark White, Cy-Fair church of Christ bulletin, Jan. 30, 2022

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