Truth, Part 5 – Seeker of Truth



In every area of life, isn’t it understood, a consistent commitment to truth is vital.

When I go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, I want the prescription that was written by my doctor. I’m not going to take just any bottle of pills. The true and accurate order is what I seek.

When we pay our utility bills, we want those to be accurate reflections of what we used, not just a random amount.

We want scales, weights, measurements, diagnoses, financial accounting, news reports, map and direction information, mail orders, product information and all communication we receive to be the truth. In these matters we are, wisely, intolerant. Truth matters.

What about your relationship with God? What about what happens when you die or the Judgment Day? And, do you want the truth about how you should treat people?

If you are a seeker of truth in earthly matters, why shouldn’t you be a seeker of truth in the higher and lasting issues of your life?

In the neighborhood of my childhood there were two commodities of exchange: marbles and baseball cards. We were also fortunate to have crawdads, sock balls and various other treasures. But when you needed to do some serious trading, you had to have either marbles or baseball cards.

Sometime after 1953, I came into possession of about four Mickey Mantle baseball cards. Now the primary purpose of having baseball cards in the 1950’s was bragging and trading. (On rare occasions, baseball cards might also be useful to bribe a bully. As a last resort, before being beaten to a pulp, you could offer the bully a popular baseball card.)

Back to these ’53 Mantle cards I owned. In a moment of immature impulse, I traded those four cards to Charles Pruitt for a bag of marbles. I don’t even have the bag of marbles today (I lost my marbles). Those four Mickey Mantle cards sell today for about $7,000 each! If I had them today I would be driving a new truck.

Nobody told me in 1953 to hold on to those cards. I didn’t appreciate the value of what I had, so I lost it.

Do you have a Bible? Have you learned the truth about Jesus Christ and what the individual response should be? Hold on to that truth, comply with it, share it. Do not sell it. You’ll be setting yourself up for eternal regret.

“Buy The Truth

 And Do Not Sell It”

Prov. 23:23

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