The Discipline of Discernment, Part 3

“…Test everything; hold fast what is good.”

1 Thess. 5:21

Warren E. Berkley

Part 3


Passages That Challenge Us To

The Discipline of Discernment

Read Matt. 7:15-20

When you see this word “Beware,” you know it is about some danger, some risk, some threat; in this case a threat to our relationship with God. Jesus places responsibility on us, to watch, to beware, to discern.

And He wants us to know that false teachers don’t look like false teachers! They may not sound like false teachers. False teachers can be handsome, personable, flattering, ingratiating, humorous … and, they can sound knowledgeable and may have a good reputation.

Jesus says – BEWARE; take what they say and open your Bible; inspect the fruit. This is one of the first warnings like this in the New Testament. We have to take this seriously.


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