The Discipline of Discernment, Part 4

“…Test everything; hold fast what is good.”

1 Thess. 5:21

Warren E. Berkley

Part 4 – Passages that challenge us (continued)

Gal. 1:6-12

There is something every Bible reader should see here – even if you don’t know much about the historical background or New Testament history.

The simple part of this is – There is only one gospel, for all and it was delivered through the apostles of Christ. There is not a gospel for the Jew, and another for the Gentile. There is not an American gospel, a European gospel, an Asian gospel. There is not a black gospel and a white gospel. There is not a Baptist gospel and a Methodist gospel and a Catholic  gospel. There is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Paul was astonished and grieved that some in the churches of Galatia had turned to a different gospel.

Today, what will keep us from turning to a different gospel? The discipline of discernment – received from God through His Word, accompanied by prayer, applied in life, reviewed until you die. Trust God and verify everything with His Word.

Acts 17:11

Search the Scriptures, to see if these things are so! And in the verse, this searching of the Scriptures is marked as having noble character. To open your Bible to find out if something is actually there, is a sign of noble, pure character.

What you are doing now (reading this blog and checking your Bible) is noble. When you listen to sermons and attend Bible classes and check what you hear against the standard of Scripture, that’s noble.


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