What The Devil Hates

The Devil Hates Deliberation

When I got out of the army, for a few months, I worked as a salesman selling what was called Hi-Fi equipment (not WIFI; stereo components).

The easiest sale was when a customer would listen to some music being played on the equipment, like the sound of it and buy it on the spot. We called those THE QUICK SALE.

The hard sale was the man who, while listening to the music, asked about the electronic board, technical specifications of the equipment, warranty, etc.

“How long will this amplifier last? Will it work with my pre-amp? Will it push to my set of speakers which are 15 feet away? What is the maintenance record for this turntable? What about access to parts?”

These customers were not impulse shoppers. They would not buy just because the system sounded good in the store. They took their time. They applied thought and discipline in their purchases.

The devil is annoyed when we stop to think about all that is packed into a given temptation. When we start thinking of long-term consequences; when we study; consult with good spiritual advisors; pray and pause – the devil may just move on.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you,” (James 4:7)

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