Shortages, by Gardner Hall

(via Facebook, Sept. 27)

The world is concerned about shortages of workers, computer chips, construction material, electronics, food materials, etc.Christians should be concerned about shortages like these:

1. Workers in the kingdom (Matt. 9:37). The harvest is plentiful in many places, but the workers few. Yes, there is a “preacher shortage.”

2. Spiritually mature young men (1 Tim. 4:12). Many seem to be in perpetual puberty because of addiction to video games and even pornography. An increasing number of godly young women have few prospects for marriage because of this shortage.

3. Inwardly beautiful and modest young women (Titus 2:4,5). Too many are obsessed with outer beauty and even worse, with provocative poses for selfies on Facebook and Instagram.

4. Children in churches (Ps. 127:3) – Though some congregations are full of kids, others have almost none!

5. Men qualified to be elders (1 Tim. 3:1) – Increasing numbers of family challenges and worldly distractions have shrunk the pool of qualified men.

6. True humility (James 4:10) – The emphasis on “loving yourself” has produced several generations of self-focused narcissists.

7. Disciples with an other-worldly focus (Phil. 3:20) – Thus, the squabbles over politics, culture and traditions.

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